The Bird is flapping down


Flappy Bird currently the most popular game on Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (Apple) will be taken down by its developer Nguyen Ha Dong, he has announced removing the game at midnight (1700 GMT) on Sunday.

Nguyen Ha Dong a game developer announced removing Flappy Bird in his tweet at 1900 GMT on Saturday in which he apologized to Flappy Birds players.

Nguyen Ha Dong said on his tweets that “22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down” and he also added that “It is not anything related to legal issues” and confess that “I cannot take this anymore”.

Flappy Bird was downloaded almost 50 million times on the Android Platform alone and causing an ultimate sensation of maddening addiction with this game.

This game was obviously inspired the Nintendo’s Mario Brothers with its background and those green pipes are so Mario, but this simple game of a flapping bird crossing the pipes are earning a $50,000 a day from advertising, Dong said in an interview.

Many people was asking Dong, Why taking down a game so suddenly ?,  a news is circulating in the world wide web that Nintendo send Dong a warning letter. But Nintendo answered that it is just a rumour.

But before anything else let say goodbye in bringing madness to us, goodbye Flappy Bird we will miss your flappy wings! :'(

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